All The Way Back

Something in my heart often is the way the aurora used to be.

Social media and the internet has changed all that, of course.
It used to be I travelled with guide books, back when I was actually young enough to backpack. Ohh, 32, almost 33. After Norway last October, I talked myself (and Morgan) into believing it was my backpack and not my body. So I bought a new backpack. And then a few months later, a new suitcase (just in case it was my aging body).

Tonight I was reminded of those days, when the aurora felt elusive, partly because it was much less publicized. To arrive in an arctic destination, eager for that forever lingering twilight sky, knowing there are nights ahead the aurora may fill the sky overhead at some ungodly hour, and that it was never a given - this was mysterious, almost secretive. We knew less then, and there was a magic to that.
Today it’s not that none of that exists, because it does, and that’s all still present and accessible. But the internet and the world today has made the experience more mainstream, and it’s easy to lose sight of the old days. The good old days from the eyes of a 32 year old. Scary, isn’t it.

Sean NormanOctober