Giddy, Schoolgirl Excitement

But the night started very gently. Quiet conversations, very cautious optimism for the small clearing over Yellowknife as we ran across town collecting guests. Even optimism is probably too strong a word there. But I’ve left town under more bleak conditions, so optimism as you would call it was fine, even as the clear break disappeared from sight.
But another was tracking down to be within reach on the highway, with a little time. It felt a lot like playing tetris, but in real life - something I haven’t done for almost six years since doing it with your 70lb suitcases in airplane bellies. So we drove and drove, cautiously as to not overshoot the potential ‘highwayfall’ of this clear break. And how quickly our gentle personalities became highly animated as the entire sky overhead danced with pink.

Sean NormanSeptember