A Perfectly Timed Question

Sometimes we get to talking a lot on tour. Things like whose baking is better - mine or Morgan’s, politics, religio… No I’m only joking. Well about the last two. Tonight we talked more about how our cameras operate in comparison to how our eyes operate, especially at night. Relevant, right?
It’s one of the discussions we have the most consistently on tour - just why Donald Tr… - no, no NO - why the colour of the aurora is so different to our eyes than our cameras. And as we really got to the understanding of that, with all the magic of perfectly timed moments, the sky erupted in some of the most vibrant pink I’ve seen this season. It felt like a quickly close your eyes, rub them hard, and open them again to make sure what you’re seeing is real sort of moment. At the end of tonight, the cameras could not do justice to what our eyes had just witnessed.

Sean NormanSeptember