Doubt, Hope, and An Ending You Cannot Script

A successful clear sky chase can feel like the most triumphant hour I've ever lived. And then at the end of a cloud bank, we're left with just a few clouds and a streak of aurora less interesting than those few clouds and like a May snowfall in Canada, it hits me, we're not in the clear yet - nowhere close. The clear skies are only half the chase, and there's still a lot left to come together in this shortened May aurora chase. Sunset is very late, sunrise is very early, and the full moon is rising behind the treeline. It was almost the perfect storm to be worried about running out of time, and time in May = darkness. Moonrise was sure spectacular through the binoculars though. Some consolation. 
But in the end, just before dawn, as one dark cloud overhead let some light rain showers fall, the break-up we've long been waiting for danced across the sky leaving piano keys and curtains of green and pink very much visible to our sore eyes.

It was perhaps the most magical close on my third season.

Sean NormanMay