No More Predictions, and the New August Norm

August. A month filled with nostalgia of the 2015, 2016 years when clear sky was almost always a given. Now we are just running around all night trying to keep with changing cloud fronts, but do you love on this more or less than the absolute hit or absolute miss of the winter deep freeze weather. Not that your, or my, preference changes anything.

So tonight, settling into partly cloudy skies, by complete and utter luck, after a slow start, I very trepidatiously made a prediction that we may soon see the aurora become a little stronger. Not two minutes later she began to dance above our heads. If you’re reading this as a past guest, then you know how often I’m wrong about these things too, which is why after last night there will be no more predictions of auroral activity.

(10 S’well bottles unceremoniously hand washed so far this year)

Sean NormanAugust