Five Hours Down to Five Minutes

You’ll scroll down, see the difference between photos two and three, and think to yourself ‘Sean, you’ve got a liiiittle too much vegan Baileys in your coffee this morning’. And while you might not be wrong about my affinity for the vegan Baileys, or coffee for that matter, I promise these photos all belong together under the night of the 11th.
Again we started very early, hoping to take advantage of earlier clearing skies and potentially minor storm conditions in the magnetic field. And we were lucky enough that despite some heavy fog on the lake, the skies were surprisingly clear, and surprisingly stably clear.
Then of course after hours and hours of clear skies, and very quiet arcs of aurora, cloud and snow became visible on the western horizon. But we held on by about five or ten minutes before getting eaten up by cloud, and not before this most beautiful show.

Sean NormanMarch