EC Skepticism, Post Dinner Anxiety, and The View of Doom

The view from just the edge of our sofa out our slider, over our patio, over rooftops to the southwest is either the view of joy, or the view of impending doom. The view where last night after a late dinner, dark clouds were continually increasing in size and proximity. That is the view of anxiety. 

Naturally, through a beautiful, virtually cloudless day of blue sky, I continually refreshed Environment Canada’s weather pages just to make sure I really was seeing their belief in ‘Clear’ overnight. And then we got to ‘A few clouds’ overnight by the afternoon. And then that cloud bank appeared after dinner. The other shoe was dropping.

But in the end we escaped into having the most gorgeous night of the season (I know, it’s just my third night in, but you can’t argue with the truth). It was perfect.

Sean NormanAugust