To Have Luck on Your Side

How much luckier can Yellowknife be these days? This is some September.
Every night these last few days, auroral conditions are very, very quiet for hours almost right up until we get into the countryside. Just by chance, they are quieter nights over in Iceland and Scandinavia, and I’m feeling for them. We know through these next months, we’ll be on the other side of that too.
However, for the first few hours of tour tonight, not much more than a faint, barely discernible with the naked eye arc washed over the northern horizon, helped not in the least by a nearly full moon behind us. But you know these chases are nights of endless patience, and with temperatures so pleasant, what’s more perfect than just kicking back in a chair lakeside under a full moon and stars? All that when in just a few minutes, the aurora erupts across the entire sky.

Sean NormanSeptember