A Little Extra Enjoyment for the Cereal Monster

Of course there are nights the weather is iffy, when it’s less than perfect and clear skies aren’t immediately abounding. And on those nights, you just wish for a window - just being able to get somewhere, and back, with still a little gas left in the tank (the car’s, and ours).

Then there are nights like this, where the weather started initially as a bit of a mess. Clear skies were out there, but they were disappearing quickly and opening right back up. Satellite images looked far less than perfect. So a little bit out of town, clouds threatened a few times into mostly clearish skies, but it was like we blinked and they’d dissipate. And from maybe 10 minutes after we got settled, the aurora barely gave us a moment over the next few hours to notice much about the weather at all. She danced and danced and danced like you just had to see to believe. Even back home at 4 in the morning, having my nightly bowl of cereal while I cull my photos, she danced gently out the windows of our home.

Sean NormanFebruary