A Night of Perfect Consistencies

The Geminid meteor shower. Oh my.

Did anyone on tour last night plan to be here for it? No. And I'll be the first to admit it snuck up on me - I had no idea. But for the last two nights, unless you were standing under one of Yellowknife's brand new LED street lamps that give an unbelievable glow of light pollution in to a town that desperately needs a dark sky, or you had your eyes closed, you would've seen at least one or three or five falling stars per minute - all night long. It was unlike anything I've experienced before, and when you soak that up with a beautiful auroral display that was steady on the entire night we were out and not the faintest hint of a cloud in the sky, it was the kind of night that sent you home laughing a little to yourself. All 40 odd kilometres back to town with the aurora still glowing and meteors still falling in view out the car windows - or front window, since at -23° every other window ices over. 

Sean NormanDecember