Differing Excitement

I may have been spotted by a guest in a driving instructor's car, taking a refresher lesson through old town in the afternoon. And later that night, it was of course the source of many jokes of just how sure I was of the ice condition after a couple days with daytime temperatures above zero. Apparently until you have to drive through about 30cm of water at the shore, the government officials don't get too excited. And there definitely wasn't 30cm of water pooling on the ice road surface yet, so save your worries. 

All afternoon, all evening, and again as we left town last night, the auroral conditions weren't as such to be so excited about - like department of transportation official excited at 30cm of pooling lake water. Shortly along our drive, the magnetic field began trending in the exact perfect way, and what followed was another perfect night not too far below 0°C. In March.
And 0°C in March, in Yellowknife, should have you pretty excited about climate change. Like government official excited about 30cm of pooling water on ice roads excited. 

Sean NormanMarch