Pre-departure Candour, Walking the Line, and Yes, More Rain Showers

My night began under a cloudy sky outside a B&B to the question “Do you think we can see the aurora tonight?”

“Ahhhh. I haven’t really decided yet” I replied, not fully confident in what was showing on my phone vs. out toward the west as I looked between downtown buildings.

And then as we drove further and further from town it became perfectly clear we were straddling the edge a cloud bank running parallel to the highway. To the southwest, the sky was virtually perfect. To the northeast, it was horrific. Sporadic rain showers pelted the windscreen once again, but just like last night, we eventually emerged into clear skies that would last the night. An owl consistently called from probably kilometres down the highway, fog patches rolled in making the drive back far less than boring, and the aurora - sometimes faint, sometimes vibrant and dynamic - kept us company the entire time.

Sean NormanAugust