The Chase

When I woke up from my afternoon nap and it still had not of rained, I knew we were perhaps in a little bit of trouble. There was a huge low pressure weather system moving (apparently much slower than forecasted) from the west, and there was no avoiding it. The hope was that it would blow over by late evening, and clear skies would return after midnight.
Far from the truth, as it turns out.
So while we watched our latest obsession, The Great British Bake Off, after our traditionally late evening dinner and it finally began pouring with rain and heavy grey clouds filled the sky in every direction, it became obvious there was but one choice. Make a break through the storm and hope to come out the other side, some 150 kilometres later, to clear skies. 
It could not have gone more perfectly, and as we arrived to clear skies, the aurora was dancing above us and all around us. Green and light pinks to our eyes, and purples on the camera. It was a sunrise drive back home to Yellowknife, but it was every bit worthwhile. It's what the chase is all about to me, but I do know I'll need another few hour nap this afternoon.

Sean NormanAugust