The Most Delightful of Surprises

There I was, just on the edge of town passing the airport really settling in for 100+ kilometre drive to the land of potential clear breaks way up north. And not five kilometres later there are stars out the side of the windscreen. Stars and clear sky. So naturally we pulled over as soon as we could and there were arcs of aurora quickly developing in the clear sky that seemed to be expanding over us. I was at a loss for words, and more amazingly we were standing outside watching and trying to photograph the aurora as raindrops still fell. It was almost as much a deer in the headlights kind of feeling as in November 2016 when the United Sta… Oh god, never mind.

So we ran around a little through the night just to move through smaller cloud banks, but as far as extreme changes in the weather and differences in recent satellite images to real life, few times have I been more surprised in four years of this than I was last night. It’s why this doesn’t get old or less thrilling with time.

Sean NormanAugust