Early Nights, the Warmth of +1, and That Seasonal Goodbye

I’ve been in bed by 9:30 in the evening, and fast asleep not an hour later some of those nights, and it’s been absolutely glorious. I’ve read a book and a half in the two weeks since my last tour, and the sun is decorating my face with freckles in a way that hasn’t happened since I’ve been 15. There’s nothing like getting sunburnt reading on the patio in shorts and a t-shirt at 1°C while the wind still numbs your fingers a little. This weekend however, temperatures are climbing into the high teens and it’s going to be delightful. The birds are coming back, the city’s gravel picker-upper (read: horrible dust launcher) has come and done it’s half hearted job through our neighbourhood, and there’s even buds on the trees and bushes in our yard.

So with our bright nights among us, thank you all for another humbling year, for coming and supporting me, for somehow allowing this to continue to be my work, my career, my life, and only because you’re truly so good to me, my love. Thank you for the visits to my blog and all the time you spend here.

Enjoy your summer, this small collection of my favourite photos from the 2018-2019 aurora season, and you’ll see my freckleface back here sometime in the first two weeks of August!


Sean Norman