A Legitimate Scare, the Sore Neck Joke, and Obliterating the Conservative Approach

Candles lit. Our next episode of Survivor ready to stream on the TV, and as I was getting up off the sofa after dinner for another cup of tea, out of nowhere 'Look outside!' my girlfriend calls from the kitchen. I turn and there's a howling cloud of white against the window. Blowing snow so violent it actually startles me. If that wasn't enough to make you doubt the clear skies supposedly just 'right there' to the east, nothing would have.

But just an hour and a half later, I stepped into my driveway to get into Bryndís to make my three stops around town for everyone, already under a few stars. And by the time we got onto the Ingraham Trail, for all intents and purposes, the skies were clear, and the aurora was there, waiting for us, just teasing in the southern sky. 

This wasn't going to be a night of usual. By just 22:30, it was already certain that the whole conservative approach to keeping photos was not possible. 3-5 photos by the end of the night for my personal collection? Lol. 30-50 is where I'm at after a few culls this morning. 30-50 photos I want to keep, and a little bit of a sore neck still. It's usually a pretty solid joke out there, that we'll all wake up with sore necks the next morning from staring straight up so much. But last night by 2am, it was legitimately painful to continue to look straight up.

Of course, I just want to do it all again. Again and again. 

Sean NormanFebruary