A March Faux-pas, A Pensive Ahh, and A Collective Awe

It was going to be a 150km northwest one way kind of night, or an on-again-off-again chase closer to home. It was the most stressful decision.

This isn't exactly the March they talk about in brochures. The temperatures are warm enough to melt snow in the day (how is the snow castle even still standing?) while providing legitimate comfort as we stood outside for hours overnight. The mean daytime temperature lately has been 10° warmer than that of just 5 years ago. In a fishbowl of clearish skies close to town, the aurora grew quietly, beautifully, over banks of cloud, but without so much the drama of those equinox aurora expectations.

There were collective awes tonight, though. They originated less from the aurora, but instead from all three rows behind me as we slowed for the cutest, babyfaced, little red fox standing on a snowbank down a sideroad on the drive home.

Sean NormanMarch