The Critical Decision and How It All Falls Into Place

Tonight I knew I wanted to leave earlier. Like, the sky was still way too bright at that time to have any hope of even seeing stars. But clouds were coming, and our only hope was going to be outrunning them as far as we could, but our distance of course was not unlimited.

By the time we had reached 80+ kilometres from Yellowknife, driving under 80+ kilometres of overcast cloud, stars were glowing in a pocket of clear sky, right where I had hoped from the morning that clear sky would still be. And not two minutes after we pulled off the highway, the sky erupted in green curtains with pink edges, and purples on camera.

Five hours earlier I was sipping tea, binge-watching Queer Eye on Netflix pondering our departure time from town. 10:40 I decided. I had started writing emails to guests offering their pick-up times, and before I hit send, I changed them to ten minutes earlier. We’d leave town at 10:30. And as it turns out, that ten minutes was critical. Sometimes intuition is fascinating, and tonight it felt very, very lucky.

Sean NormanAugust