The Olden Days and An Hour Long Countdown to Laughable Misery

It was a quiet night under the stars. Quiet just on the outside, and a little overjoyed on the inside. Our skies cleared deep into twilight, just as the meteorologists promised. And a guest from Australia last night, I think one of the most excited that's been out with me this season, brought me right back to my first night ever in Yellowknife. Within hours of landing under completely cloudy skies, they went for the best fish they've ever had at Bullocks, and walked out some time later to completely clear skies and proceeded to enjoy the aurora from just a few steps out onto the lake - or the backyard - of the Bayside B&B. This was not at all different from my life 7 years ago.

So getting into the countryside was of course maybe the best thing ever, and no matter how quiet the aurora, it was the most perfect night. But a quiet night like this gave me a chance to perhaps finally get over my fear of commitment - to timelapses. 900 frames, somewhere around an hour, and I watched the little screen at the top of my camera countdown from less than 100 images left. As the time lapse became closer, frame by frame, to ending, it was of course when the aurora became the brightest. 

Sean NormanMarch