The ABC's. (Astrophysics, Baths, & Candles)

Of course, the night after anticipating it was coming, the other shoe finally did drop. And for the following two nights, we had mostly overcast skies... just a little of the lights through smaller clear breaks or lighter cloud - nothing to crow - or be raven - about. 


And yes, despite 'his girlfriend' and 'homemade bakery' being two of the top four phrases used in your reviews of me on TripAdvisor, I do still occasionally bake - taking me back to the glory (or misery) (just kidding, I loved it) of my guesthouse days. And that's exactly what last night was all about. Sixty vegan chocolate peppermint cookies. Last night was also about running leftover tour baking over to the girls across the street, a long neighbourhood walk in the snow, and an hour long candlelit bath reading a new book about astrophysics.
I'll probably need to come back to that one a few more times though.

Sean NormanJanuary