A Little Intuition, A Morgan Spotting, and Another Sleepless Night

Bryndís was already warming up in the driveway and I was going to be taking her out of the driveway to begin tour in just 14 minutes. Then it hits Morgan... "Maybe I should go tonight!". And if there's one thing we've learnt through the blog this year, it's that if you see Morgan on tour with us, you've picked the right night because it's going to take a lot of good data for this lady to trade in her books, candles and cosy winter nights for a cold few hours outside.

Immediately upon arriving into the shallow countryside, greens danced across the sky until the clouds ate us up and the aurora had faded away to the northern horizon. Some 100 kilometres, a few more pieces of gravel off the windscreen from the ice road truckers, and a couple more hours later, mostly clear skies had returned and there was nothing that could be said of what was happening above our heads. It was one of the best. 

Sean NormanFebruary