Nap More

The weather forecast wasn't good. Sun in the day, broken clouds overnight. Well it wasn't sunny in the day, and I wasn't holding my breath for the overnight.

When I laid down for my customary few hour sleep - it's a nap, let's just call it a nap because I sleep like a toddler... A few hours overnight, and a few hours midday - in the late afternoon, Yellowknife was still blanketed in cloud. However, I woke a few hours later and there was seemingly a whole lot of blue sky up there.
I wouldn't call the feeling in that moment cautiously optimistic, because cautious optimism is when you feel some confidence. I had little confidence in the weather then, and even less in the forecast(er)s. But it held, we travelled far east to pad as much clear sky between us and a cloud bank as we could, and until about 2am, it was perfect, which in and of itself, was about perfect.

So if forecasts don't matter, and I wake from every nap to surprise clear skies, we're going to have a very, very good aurora season, and I'm going to be one of the happiest people you ever, ever meet. But we should probably talk again tomorrow first...

Sean NormanSeptember