Happy Yellowkniversary To Me

Exactly seven years ago tonight, the 25th of February 2011, was my first night in Yellowknife. I landed under overcast skies, temperatures cold enough to freeze my nose hairs walking across the ramp deplaning, and I spent the night watching the aurora on the lake just outside the Bayside Bed & Breakfast in old town. Standing on the ice runway photographing the aurora straight up, a little red fox walked right up to my tripod and scared me half to death. That night was the first of some 25 trips to Yellowknife over the coming three years. Now, that little fox face is intertwined in the aurora oval of what is my logo, my heart, and my life here.
I moved here for the love of a lifetime. So how perfect was she tonight - sometimes you just can't make this stuff up.

Sean NormanFebruary