Never Discounting Slow & Steady, A Small Revelation, and Why I Won't Give You Numbers

It's easy to want to know how this particular night rates on a scale of 1-10, how that burst compares to the one a few nights ago, and I understand that, but I continually have the hardest time to give you any answers. I'm happy to read off the Kp index to you, but even this isn't so relevant to your moment by moment experience in Yellowknife.

So when a returning guest tonight said to me she could understand why I won't really rate a night because they're just so different, it for me was something I love to hear almost more than anything other. Tonight the aurora began gently, sweeping across the northern horizon, and she was constant, hour after hour still stretching above us, occasionally offering fast movement and colours to our eyes. It could not have been more different than the, for-all-intents-and-purposes, dead, dead, dead, BOOM! the night before. Which is exactly why it's so hard to rate any given night 'better' than another.

Sean NormanMarch