Was this a question of personal insecurity? You know, like going to Iceland and seeing unfairly good looking men with the most perfect beards, wearing hand knitted wool sweaters riding horses in the countryside herding sheep while drinking Jägermeister from the bottle? Insecurity brought on by that kind of absurd perfection? 

No. This was cloud.
Nothing like something so light and fluffy to make you temporarily question your decision making ability, intuition, and entire basis of a career choice. After we had settled briefly at our first stop, I packed the group back up, drove less than 10 kilometres down the highway, then backtracked 2 or 3. Sometimes you don't know what you have until you get around the next corner. And somehow, perhaps by the luck of the Icelandic elves, a substorm erupted into our clearest skies, and continuing on to our fast clearing skies where just 15 minutes earlier it was mostly broken cloud.

Sean NormanAugust