I have a complaint, and it's about the cold. Are you surprised?

Driving out from town, the weather at the airport was -39°, with a windchill of -51°. Don't worry about us in your extreme cold warning though, Environment Canada. This is just what we call 'Thursday' in the Northwest Territories. But that's not what I'm upset about, and it's not about my tripod legs freezing, or that the ballhead levers become stiff beyond any reasonable measure. It's about Bryndís - and I love her to the end of the earth, but I just want her to be honest. I know that driving out in the countryside, the temperature wasn't 3° warmer than that measured in town 40 minutes earlier, and when we're out in the countryside, she's all we have as a temperature gauge. So if you hear me referencing the temperature to be a few degrees cooler than what you see on the dash of the car, now you know why. 

Sean NormanDecember