Suspense, Drama, Hope & Reality

Ohh, the suspense and the drama. Stopping the car on a side ice road in a hurry and encouraging everyone to pour out the side door as fast as humanely possible in boots so bulky you’d wear them only in outer space (or Yellowknife). We could have done with the aurora waiting another ten minutes for us, but it’s some experience stepping out of the car and in the first 60 seconds watching the aurora cascade down on top of you. (spoiler alert: we had about 80km of clearance)

And then the waiting game was on. Predictions were made, politician (read greatly unsatisfying and useless) answers were offered about if we’ll experience another burst like that tonight. The answer ultimately was a yes, but only the aurora knew for sure, and it took some hours to get it out of her.

Sean NormanFebruary