Humble Beginnings

I'm going to start the 2017-2018 season by just being real. It was hard thinking about going back to work last night. Everything can feel like work - even guiding northern light chases, which I'm still sure is some of the best work available. But it meant that summer was over, kind of. That there were no more vacations, no more nights off - for the most part, no more cosy way-too-late Netflix binging sofa nights with wine wondering just how close to real life House of Cards actually is, or sitting watching midnight sunsets off the deck whispering to neighbours.
So as if to give a little push into my third season, some sunshowers complete with a double rainbow fell over Yellowknife in the early evening, perhaps as a special little omen to the year beginning now. And not to ever lose her mystery, the aurora herself held out entirely for many hours until almost 2am when just the right conditions aligned, and pillars in green and pink danced across the sky moving gradually south to north into sunrise. 

So humble beginnings this season indeed, for the first few hours, anyway.

Sean NormanAugust