The Early Bird Gets the Worm

If you consider that 9:15pm is early, and the worm is the first of consecutive break-ups.

It felt a little insane to be driving around town in an obvious ‘aurora chaser’ vehicle collecting guests from their accommodations while the sky was bright. Really bright. “It must be his first month here”, I can imagine were many thoughts.
But it was worth taking the chance to go very early tonight, to give ourselves extra time driving away if we needed it to escape any weather. The aurora was likely going to be good. Really good.
At the worst, I’d be wrong and we’d be sitting outside in camping chairs watching a twilight sky listening to the birds of the countryside.
At the best, we’d scramble to get our cameras set up as fast as possible because the aurora was waiting under a slowly darkening sky. It was a chance worth taking.

And it was the latter.

Sean NormanAugust