The Photo

The one just above this line, the little one that's cropped funny and sits above every blog post. This photo drew that emotional connection to everything I love about this life. It represents a little stronger auroral activity to be over in the western sky so early, the deep twilight sky stretching late into the night and the quieting tourist season. It's the little sign of the home stretch to lazy days back in my girlfriend's sleepy small town in the south, camping in American national parks before their government gives more of them away to billion dollar corporations caring only to profit off what's underneath them, and then buy off more government officials so they can repeat the cycle. It's morning coffee on the patio, harvesting berries from our fruit bushes, and probably planting more of them, then eloquently using words I cannot repeat on this blog while I dig holes straight into the Canadian Shield for them. It's the summer is coming and I'm going to love on every last moment of all of this again this year photo.

Sean NormanApril