Hoo-hoo Wishes It Was December?

If it were December, I'd be singing a different tune. And you'd be enjoying some very different images. 
But it isn't December, it's September, and our days still stretch long into the night. You see, around supper time, two people I admire the most in this space weather and aurora chasing community text me "G4...". As in, G4 severe geomagnetic storm. I almost thought they were kidding. There is but one classification above this. In December, I have no problem leaving my dinner on the stove and running (driving) out along the Ingraham Trail at 5:30pm during hours of geomagnetic storms. But to do it well before the sun is below the horizon would prove slightly futile.

So while the conditions early in the evening didn't so much carry into our night, gentle moonlight, an obsession with astronomy binoculars, faintly dancing aurora, and sounds of only owls hoo-hooing and birds chirping further off in the countryside made a beautiful night regardless.

Sean NormanSeptember