Weather So Still, an Atmosphere So Dynamic, and Beginning a 28 Hour Journey

A 28 hour journey to Tromsø, Norway begins for Morgan and I in just a couple hours. Just enough time to change camera bags, throw my thermals into my backpack, blog photos from the last few hours, and get to the airport for a 6:05am flight. We’ll arrive in Norway some day and a half later, capping two nights without any sleep, to go straight into the countryside to chase the lights with good friend Kjetil, who I last saw some eight and a half years ago.

But on a night in Yellowknife when you would think I would just be eager to get going on the trip to Norway, there was a beautiful calm about the experience. The weather was so still, so crisp and clear, and yet our upper atmosphere filled with pinks and dances like you cannot imagine. It was perfect.

I won’t have my laptop in Norway these next couple weeks, but I may give blogging from my iPhone a try should we be lucky enough to have some nights with the aurora there. Otherwise I will fill this space when I’m back home toward the end of the month.

Thank you for the beautiful autumn, my loves. xoxo.

Sean NormanOctober