Suffering Mechanics, a Choice of Cs, and a PR

PR. The two letters that bring the most anxiety and hope to a formally long distance couple finally settling in together. However, this PR had nothing to do with permanent residency. -44°, before any windchill, in the countryside tonight was a new personal record for me. Welcome to winter.
And if there was one thing I cannot help but to feel grumpy about, it's cloudy skies in the -30s. Pick one or the other - cloud or the cold, but never both. No way. If it's going to be in the -40s, it had better be clear skies everywhere.
You're gosh darn right it had better be.
With the coldest temperature I've ever experienced in my limited time in Yellowknife tonight, my dearest Canon finally caved, showing some weakness to the cold somewhere between the 3rd and 4th consecutive hour of sitting outside on a metal tripod. Can you blame her? She's home now, safe and cuddled up in her ThinkTank for the night, warming gradually, and I promise she'll be all okay by morning.

Sean NormanJanuary