The Quiet Dream, and Everything Perfection

A couple days ago, Morgan and I booked our flights to Norway for later this year. Of course it's Tromsø. It will have been eight and a half years since I last saw Kjetil and we chased the lights together, by the time we see each other again. There have been quiet rumblings for some time of chasing the lights together once again - either here or in Norway.
It was, after all, 11 years ago in Kjetil's humble hands that this all began for me. But ever since I moved to Yellowknife three years ago for this lifestyle, and you've all come here to support me and enable me to live out this dream of mine, it's been further a small dream for me to have a guest of my own on tour who has previously chased the lights with Kjetil over in Tromsø.
A long shot? Probably. 

But I cannot tell you how humbling it was to hear the story tonight of a guest staying in Yellowknife for three weeks - three weeks - just to chase the lights, and who has chased the lights with Kjetil in Norway also some eight years ago, and loved the experience - everything little moment of it - as much as I did. So here we were, just two days after booking our flights and assured our time in Northern Norway for a few months from now, with the aurora dancing like this above us, getting to reminisce over a favourite life experience? Come on... 

Sean NormanMarch