A Seasonal Goodbye From the Biggest Dorks Ever

Somehow, night after night, I talked my way through late evening escapades into the countryside for another year on this little blog. You've been here visiting, flattering me in person telling me you check in on this little corner of the web and that means just as much being able to guide you out into remote corners of frozen lakes to freeze our buns off together. So I'm going to leave it short and sweet, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting, for trusting me, for supporting me and allowing me to continue to live this dream of chasing the aurora every night - a dream that means just as much now, no, that's a lie. A dream that means a lot more now than it did a number of years ago when it was still just a dream in a little studio apartment in the centre of a bustling city in the south. So thank you, I'll leave you with some of my favourite images from this past aurora season, and I'll see you back here sometime in the beginning of August. 

So now, there is just one way to end this post and this season, and that is with matching northern lights t-shirts, of course. Have the most beautiful summer, my loves! 

Sean Norman