Love, Anticipation & Tradition, the Joy and Insanity of Veganism, and Serious Contemplation of Our Future

Love, anticipation, and tradition. Three feelings Morgan and I would describe to you about going on almost two years of getting Ethiopian takeaway once a week from Zehabesha here at home. It may one day be a real heart breaker should we leave Yellowknife before Dinku and his wife someday do, and it’s much more than them being the only restaurant to offer vegan options. So when we discovered that in Bergen, there were two Ethiopian restaurants, we obviously couldn’t help ourselves. And while it was fabulous, you know where our heart and tastebuds lie.
Meanwhile on the other side of the world at similar geographic latitudes, veganism has sky-rocketed, and you can’t go out to a restaurant in Trondheim without vegan options abounding. Veganism, or the first real absorption of vitamin D in weeks, we loved this little place. So much so, we’re having our first real conversations about an eventual move out of Yellowknife to there some years away still. And that isn’t just the box of hipster vegan doughnuts strapped into the middle seat on our flight down to Bergen talking.

If we can move a little bit past food, just for a quick sentence or two, that love, anticipation and tradition line could maybe more appropriately be applied to finally visiting Kristian Birkeland’s terrella at the Teknisk Museum in Oslo. It was something really special for me to catch up with him there, and spend a long while in his exhibition. But more on all that when you’re on tour with me and I put you to sleep with the history of the northern lights.



Bergen, and the Bergen - Oslo train

Kr. Birkeland’s 100+ year old terrella at the Technical Institute in Oslo

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