The World's Most Beautiful Jacuzzi - The End

A cruise? Does the photo of our ship coming into port look like a kind of fair weather cruise? Of course it doesn’t, it’s the Norwegian coast in October, and my dear old friend of 11 years, the Hurtigruten coastal steamer. It was surreal to be back aboard, and everything felt as magical as when I was some solo 20 year old traveller taking a coastal journey by ship in the darkest weeks of the year.
This time, Morgan and I were prepared. Maybe a little too prepared. After we had grocery shopped to basically feed a small army, a simple search online the night before we boarded revealed they had a full vegan menu on board the ship. WHAT. So what better way to mark our four year anniversary together, plus, the outdoor jacuzzi literally ten metres from our cabin was maybe the greatest thing in the world.

That’s all for Norway, for this year. Now it’s back to lady aurora if the clouds ever break. Thanks for following along!

Sean NormanNorway