Sore Muscles & Completely Drenched - Lofoten

Ohh yes. The northern lights dancing above the cutest fishing villages tucked into some of the most jagged mountain peaks in perhaps the most beautiful place in the world - the Lofoten islands. How idyllic.

I can probably count the minutes of sunshine over five days on two hands. Initial hours in Reine went by with admiration to all my shell clothing and backpacks - they were remarkably resilient keeping everything inside, including me, dry. And then there was day two, and three, and four, and everything, actually everything, including the two of us, was soaked. It should have been enough rain to sink the Lofoten islands themselves.
But we weren’t going to let puddles in our shoes and hiking trails turned raging rivers stop us from proving to ourselves just how out of shape we were (still are). Muscles ached, entire legs vibrated even just sitting still, but the Lofoten islands are just magical. It’s a fairytale land with all the nature in the world to become lost in.

Sean NormanNorway