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I’m not sure I’ve had a stretch of time driving this many kilometres seeing such little clear sky & aurora. November is beating us down pretty good, but winter shouldn’t be long to arrive now. And that should be more opportunity for clear skies.
(because standing on a completely frozen lake in Canada Goose parkas with a windchill of -35 isn’t winter yet)

Sean NormanNovember
The Best and the Worst

Pinks, greens and movement all across the sky - this is all the amazingness of the aurora experience.

Thin, high altitude cloud, and for all intents and purposes, a full moon - these are not my favourite aurora viewing conditions. But the moonlight, it’s so perfect for portraits. This widespread, thin cloud that imitates the most faint aurora does not fit into this such perfection.
Still, for a mid-November night with yet another snowstorm threatening, this is, with some relativity, very perfect.

Sean NormanNovember
A Window

Somewhere between consecutive nights and far too many hours of very quiet auroral conditions, and typical November weather, we had tonight. A few hours of dead clear skies, a sky filled of the aurora, and again so many falling stars - but you’ll have to find a better photographer for proof of that.

Sean NormanNovember
The Coldest So Far, and a Little More Inspiring

And these nights are the reason you book mult… no no, just joking. Not that again.

It was a quieter night again tonight though, just some gentle arcs on the northern horizon that worked their way above us several hours later. There were brief shimmers in curtains, and brief gusts of wind down on the ground too, which is always nice on the cheeks at -26°.

Sean NormanNovember
"It's Better Than You're Thinking"

Ohh skepticism, our old friend.

I’m sorry if I’m repeating blog post titles again, but it’s just too perfect when we’re sitting in the car together watching the snow fall in the headlights with overcast clouds out every window, talking about the weather before we leave. “It’s better than you’re thinking now” I promise out loud. I could have felt the skepticism in the car from the 70+ kilometres away to where we’d end up, under clear skies, as the weather maps promised. I love these nights so much.

Sean NormanNovember
That Cliché Sunday Drive Feeling

It wasn’t a night of dramatic movements or harsh changes. We casually cruised the Ingraham Trail for some time entering and leaving pockets of clearer and then foggier skies. It almost felt never ending and a game purely of luck, but it was almost soothing. There was no hurry, the aurora was quiet. Then just as we made a small location change toward the middle of the night, just a little clear sky opened up and not long after some very quick pinks danced along the horizon.

Sean NormanNovember
Inching Our Way Closer, and the Same Old Complaints

As predicted, a northern Canadian city gets hit with 30cm of wet snow and all the plows are anywhere but somewhere needed. So the night after, we limped back outside and inched our way far from town hoping to intersect clear skies before the aurora would fade for the night.

Sean NormanNovember
"We Can't Thank You Enough"

Which is really sweet, but unfair. What she really meant to say was, "I'm so in love with our planet and this connection we have with our sun".
I think that's far more perfect. It's all just life on earth, and it's something we should be thanking and appreciating so much more. And I think after a night like this, you can never forget it. 

Sean NormanNovember