Technically 4 for 4, but So Much More - Tromsø

Well, we’re home. We survived torrential rain, wind, wild berries and cancelled ferries, and our next move is learning Norwegian to move to Trondheim in a few years (joking not joking). Norway exceeded every expectation and every memory I held of it since 2010.

But for now, if you want the cold hearted statistic, then yes, we saw the northern lights all four nights in the Tromsø area, including from our late evening flight arrival. But our four nights in Tromsø weren’t about chasing the aurora or comparing where the northern lights are better. That doesn’t matter. It was about reconnecting with an old friend who started all this aurora chasing for me over ten years ago, so we spent a few beautiful nights in conversation with Kjetil & his amazing family both in the city and at his cabin in the countryside.

Tours resume tonight for me, but I’ll hold off blogging any Yellowknife aurora photos for the sake of keeping a few posts of our Norway trip together over the next couple days.

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