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what I stand for
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If I wasn't guiding northern light tours, would you find me in the middle of a barren landscape breaking my back, and probably every other part of my body too, planting trees? Maybe, actually.
My love of our earth, and everyone and everything we share it with extends far beyond my small circle of Yellowknife. Planting trees and cosying up to nature wasn't an overnight change. Although since I was old enough to choose how I wanted to decorate my bedroom while living with my mother, I chose a forest. I mean, you had to crawl under basically 10sq metres of leafy canopy just to find my bed from the door. I was the kid who brought home the tree he grew from a seed in an elementary school classroom and actually planted it in our garden growing to be somewhere now around seven metres tall.

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And now, this isn't so much only about trees in our yard or growing our own vegetables during the three months without snow, it's about a greater good. It's about wanting to give back to this incredible planet that unconditionally gives so much to us. Partnering with 1% for the Planet, and planting trees with Eden is a beautiful good, and something I'm very, very proud of and humbled to be able to do.

The benefits of agroforestry to our planet is nothing short of miraculous and infinite, but equally as beautiful are the benefits right to the heart of the communities Eden is planting in. Local villagers are hired and trained to do the tree planting - giving them work at a fair wage, while the trees themselves provide nuts and fruits for the farmers to harvest. In all of this, the families and communities involved begin to overcome immediate poverty while also beginning a sustainable path for a more successful future both personally, and for our planet. Eden's projects currently focus in Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Mozambique & Indonesia.

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The knowing that we're helping less fortunate people in our world improve their life, their land, and the future of our generations along with the well being of this incredible planet is for me just as humbling as standing here under a sky filled with the northern lights. I'm thankful now, and will be eternally thankful to you for the opportunity you're creating with me to be a part of this change - which is why for every single guest, on every single aurora chase, we'll plant ten trees on your behalf. And as always, that little brown banner with green text at the top of this page, and every other page on my website, I update every day with how many trees we've planted. 


ten trees for each guest, every single night.