Thank Your Lucky Stars

Clear skies and sunshine alllll day. Alllll five of those hours where the sun stays above the horizon.
We weren't going to forever keep away from some evening cloud cover, but we can profusely thank our lucky stars for clear breaks at right perfect moments when our beautiful lady came dancing. 

Sean NormanNovemberComment
Everyone Still Have Their Toes?

I've always said that clear skies are more important than temperature. -28°C and a light, light wind last night may as well have been -60 after a few hours, but if it's going to bring skies like these, I'm all for it.
So, good morning from Yellowknife, where the temperature is currently -31°.

Sean NormanNovemberComment
Perfection is all Relative

And sometimes you have to settle. Especially compared to that very romanticized image of perfection in your mind. Just ask my girlfriend. 

Just one and a half nights of cloud, and it all gets dramatic. But really, last night when some clear skies broke out west and the aurora danced gently and subtly, it felt like the most perfect, even romanticized, moment under the stars ever possible.

Sean NormanNovemberComment
The Difference of 48 Hours

There are the nights of waiting. The nights when the last images you take near 2am are of a long awaited break-up. And then there are the nights of arriving at a frozen lake after a 50 kilometre drive, and all of our first images are of another break-up. Two nights ago was the former, last night was the latter. Both, of course, were perfect. 

Sean NormanNovemberComment
Cautious Optimism

Dare you begin to think that in the middle of November while the temperatures, even during the daytime, stay in the mid negative twenties, that we are over the freeze up hump and consistent clear skies are returning. Of course it's entirely possible, but let's try to keep the cart behind the horse still too. 

Sean NormanNovemberComment

Clear skies and patience. 

Sean NormanNovemberComment
More Than Just a Clear Sky Chase

Finding clear skies during freeze up is one thing, but finding a driveway we can get into and out of, somewhere off the highway, under clear skies during freeze up, the night after a record snowfall, is something totally different...

Sean NormanNovemberComment
Sun Tans to Parkas

A couple weeks of a Mexican beach, picking out the cosiest Nordic winter decorations and lighting, and for lunch eating alllll the vegan veggie balls at my favourite store in the world that, at it's closest, is 1,464 kilometres away from here, and my first night back home and it's -24°. -24° and pockets of clear skies.

Sean NormanNovemberComment
Humble October

With the moon setting just after 10pm into a cloud bank back over town, the countryside felt particularly starlit last night. And for anyone keeping count, that was the third dead clear late October night in a row. You can't say the weather has been perfect for aurora chasing this month, but we have had  several spells of very good weather coinciding with very good auroral conditions. Tonight was another one of those.  

Sean NormanOctoberComment
A Bad Case of the Aurora Borealis

I've got it.

It's not that after a week of cloud you lose it, but mostly cloudy nights and thousands of kilometres without so much a break in the clouds is hard.
So when a moonless night of clear sky and a perfect solar storm come together, it is all kinds of love and perfection.

Sean NormanOctoberComment