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Can we rent winter clothing from you?


Not yet. It is an area of interest, but it's also an extremely expensive area of interest for such a young business. I'll keep you posted here should things change or progress further.

I do highly recommend My Backyard Tours for winter clothing rentals, and I do believe it's about as good of an investment as you can make. Especially for those of you traveling from places like Australia, where, you know, a goose down jacket will never, ever be of any use to you. You will want to make arrangements with Margaret well in advance however, since renting winter clothing is a popular option among all tourists visiting Yellowknife in the winter months.

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Will you pick us up from the airport?


I wish I could, but I just don't have the time, unfortunately. My days seem to go by in a blink between rising a little late after going to sleep somewhere not too long before sunrise, all the photo editing and blogging, and technical preparations for the next night's tour already.

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We're on the 5:30am flight leaving Yellowknife, can you drop us off at the airport straight after our tour is over? 


Unfortunately not. All of my guests must have accommodation booked on the night of their tour. Unlike other major airports, ours is not open 24 hours. 
Your safety and your warmth mean a lot to me, and I'm not willing to make compromises here. So when we say goodbye at the end of tour together, even if it's at 3:30am and your flight leaves in two hours, I must have somewhere warm to drop you back off to. 
If you do not have accommodation booked for the night of your tour, your seat will be forfeited and no refund will be given.

There are no exceptions here, so please don't ask via the contact form at the bottom of my website. 

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What if we have to use the washroom while on tour?


Make it quick, and enjoy the view. That would be my advice. 

Generally, washrooms will not be available while we are on tour. Some territorial parks do have outhouses, but these are generally locked during the winter and spring. If we do end up chasing clear skies, we may pass the airport (open until 1am) at some point through the night, and I'm happy to make a quick stop when this is the case, but it shouldn't be relied upon. 

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Do you guide any other tours? 


No. the simple answer. I fully believe in investing where my heart is, and that is in space weather and the aurora borealis. I guide only what I whole-heartedly believe I know, and am entirely dedicated and devoted to - the chase of the northern lights.

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Do you have any tips for photographing the aurora?


More than a few, and if you have some time, you can find a small guide I've written for you here.

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What can we do in Yellowknife during the day?


Too much to squeeze into an FAQ answer, so come on over here and let's talk Yellowknife.