The Climate Situation, the Driveway Situation, and Yet Another Case Against DST

It almost rained today. It’s the middle of March and it almost rained in Yellowknife. There is something really, really wrong with our climate. And this next week isn’t going to be any different with daytime highs well above zero. Frightening. Really.

During another gorgeous night in the countryside to late clearing skies, we hung on as late as we could out there but eventually had to begin our way back to Yellowknife. Then at 3:30am beginning to drop off my guests, I scrambled everybody out of the car in the hurriest hurry you’ve ever hurried at one of the Airbnbs. The aurora. It was spectacular. Pinks and purples and greens just racing across half the sky. There was a feeling this was coming, but how late can you reasonably stay in the countryside. And this is the case against daylight saving time in a place where such a large part of the economy depends on night tourism - night tourism where our product doesn’t adjust to fake time. Where tonight, we still could have been in the countryside at 2:30am instead of at the edge of a driveway at 3:30am.
Is naturally having some of the longest day lengths in the world during the summer not already enough? Does that summer sunset really need to be 11:40pm instead of 10:40pm? The answer is no, it doesn’t.

We are all Arizona.

Sean NormanMarch