No Dogs on Tour

I love dogs. I love them even more when they aren't mine, and you get all the best moments of that unconditional love without the poop scooping, shoe chewing and shedding. So when the neighbourhood dog wandered over from the cabin just down the lakeshore, it was much to our delight for the last little while of our evening. And I know for sure that good laughs were had by all when he jumped up into the back of the Transit, somehow wiggled his way under the last row of seats, and jumped up casually sitting across them, all within about 20 seconds. As you can guess, he not come with us, of course, and as I publish this post, I'll be heading outside in the rain to take a lint roller to that last row of seats.

A little more relevant to this blog, is what a beautiful night of northern lights we enjoyed in thanks to a high speed solar wind stream giving us speeds around 700km/second - around twice the average. And the moonset! You cannot imagine the surreal drive home around 3am to see a dim red moon just resting on the horizon through a little forest fire smoke.

Sean NormanAugust