Both Sides

Tonight witnessed both genuine and hilarious conversation about Finnish saunas, the experience of going from a sauna to a hot tub, to a frozen lake or glacial river, and leaving those experiences with a very slow, very relaxed movement and mindset - and then trying to recreate that on a patio of a Hawaiian home (I told you I'd get you into this post, Maki).
Tonight I walked in my front door with a slow step, a definitely spacey kind of feeling, and a lot of appreciation. It may be the second week of this cold that has my voice much deeper than usual - which I'll admit to really enjoying, outside of the moments I lose it completely - but life just felt particularly slow and beautiful.

Almost immediately in the countryside this evening our mysterious lady danced with stunning colour, gave us curtains and coronas, and led us only into laughter to express our most delightful enjoyment. Then again, she disappeared for some time before returning in the most gentle and humbling way - still curtains and ribbons danced across the sky, but it was subtle. This was the time when life really slowed down. It was humbling and of a broader perspective. A really perfect feeling.

Sean NormanSeptember